New jobs and still house hunting.


Well I "friended" my way into a new job at Mars Cafe in similar fashion to how I got my job at Aromas Coffeehouse in Omaha. I have many years of barista experience and I'm good at making new friends, so if I befriend a lot of the staff...  

So that's awesome that the Mars worked out, because it's in the general area that we want to plant, and it is right near Drake university and very busy. Keeva goes in for a technical interview at the cosmetology school on Thursday and we will do some more house hunting then too. Hopefully we can nail down a place in the right area that will serve as a good base of operations and neighborhood inlet to ministry and connections into the city. Pray for favor in that so we can get the ball rolling and move in the next couple of weeks. 

Matthew O'Mealey

Brewing coffee and learning to be a church planter in the Midwest.