First up, we need jobs and a place to rent.

Focusing all efforts toward DSM!

Focusing all efforts toward DSM!

We have been living in Omaha for a year now (more on the later), and it's time we move over to Des Moines. Tomorrow, 7/24, we are going to DSM for a couple of job interviews and to try to look at some apartments. I have an interview at Mars Cafe which I'm pumped about, and Keeva has an interview at La James cosmetology school. She would like to both teach and work in a salon, so pray for that and God's direction in those choices. 

We also need a place to stay asap. It would be ideal to rent a place for 1-2 years and begin house shopping as we get our bearings in the city and God opens up opportunities and directs us to more specific areas on the map. We do think it will be between 31st and downtown, and Ingersoll and University (or so) area, which is still a good swath of land. 

So pray for those opportunities and for God's direction in that. We believe that jobs and places to live should be so much more that just that, and that God wants to use them for redemptive Gospel community. E

Matthew O'Mealey

Brewing coffee and learning to be a church planter in the Midwest.