Matthew O'Mealey

On a Church Planting Adventure into the Midwest

I'm a barista and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being a barista drives me into the ministry as I get to know people, and then being a minister pushes me to be a barista and meet people. My hairstylist wife, Keeva, shares the same push-&-pull burden with her fashion trade and personal ministry. So much redemption and fellowship can be found in both our industries, which God continues to use to draw our hearts and lives into Midwestern cities, and burden us to see disciples made through Gospel communities and gatherings. God focused our call on Des Moines in the summer of 2013, but we are also working with and connected to other ministries focusing on church planting and the Midwest. Follow us through this site and other media to see and hear of our journey, and understand the things God has been and is teaching us. We would love for you to share in our burden for souls disconnected from their Creator in the Midwestern United States.