Why the blog?

I plan to keep this a regularly updated blog and news update site for the ministry journey and adventure that Keeva and I are on. Our call to the Midwest and Church Planting is a recent one (in the last couple of years) and it is something that intimidates and excites us. It's very much a work in progress as we figure things out and improvise as we depend on God and listen to Him as He leads us to these people and places we never anticipated. 

We've learned a ton in the last couple years, especially in the last several months. I will use the blog as an outlet for those growing thoughts and convictions as we move forward pursing the ministry calls on each of our lives. We aren't necessarily trying to blow minds with our thought processes, but many things are new and fresh for us as God grows us through study and interactions with other ministers that will be specific to us and our contexts. 

So follow us here and through various social medias, and pray along with us as we figure this out and work to see God glorified, disciples made, and ministries started in the Des Moines metro area. 

Matthew O'Mealey

Brewing coffee and learning to be a church planter in the Midwest.