We got an apartment! (and website updates)

We are pumped to move to this beautiful city!

We are pumped to move to this beautiful city!

 After a mind numbing amount of Craigslist searching and driving randomly through neighborhoods we nailed down a place.  It's an old stacked duplex from the 1920s, 2 bed 1 bath with a large living room and open dining room setup which should do well in facilitating new in-home Bible studies and Gospel Communities. It's on University Ave. just off 35th, which is awesome since Mars Cafe is on the same street about 11 blocks away. Biking/skateboarding/walking distance is a luxury I very much prefer after my years living around the corner from barista job at PJ's on Magazine in NOLA. 

Keeva did a practical interview at a cosmetology school and that went well. Now we just need to see what's available and pray about whether she should teach and work at Ulta, or just one or the other. 

With jobs pretty much take care of and a place nailed down, we will be able to move in on August 20 or before depending on the current tenant and the owners turn around time on it. 

Also I'm still learning more and more of all the top notch site development I can do through Squarespace, my hosting and development platform. I added in some contact and feedback in a new page and combined my news and blog posts into one feed for RSS (which the RSS button is on the bottom of the Blog page) and to keep things simple. Also on the new Connect page has an email subscription option. Stay tuned for more updates and a more robust site in the near future!

I leave you with an article from a site that's new to me called Made for More. The article is about how a grace filled life should be rubbing off on those around us.

Matthew O'Mealey

Brewing coffee and learning to be a church planter in the Midwest.