Gx Network



As we continue to move forward in our efforts in being a part of starting new Gospel works here in Des Moines, I wanted to share about our continued partnership with our home church back in New Orleans. Vintage Church has been an enormous blessing to us in our journey into the Midwest, besides all the years we spent with them back in our NOLA home. Even though we are born and raised Okies, NOLA is very much our home turf where God did so much in us, maturing us and allowing us to grow and succeed and fail as we learned and put into practice being disciples and followers of Christ, joining in His mission of Gospel multiplication. 

We have the ongoing honor and encouragement of being a part of the Gospel Multiplication, or Gx Network. This has been started by Vintage and the lead pastor Rob Wilton, because of several men and their dedicated ministry families that have been sent out from Vintage to do church planting across America and across the world. We believe that God has called all believers to Gospel Multiplication, which is what the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 tells us, and that is an inherent part of our DNA as a church and as ministers of the Gospel. "Vintage Church exists to live out our core values of Truth, Love, and Community by Living the Gospel, Serving the City, and Being the Church by multiplying Individuals, vGroups, and Gatherings in New Orleans and beyond." This Gospel vision is still growing and seeing lives changed in New Orleans, and continues on in exponential multiplication as more leaders and ministries are sent out to other cities to make disciples who love God and love people. 

Check out the Gx Churches website, and see more about some of the churches and future ministries that have been sent out from Vintage Church NOLA. Each one has some info about their mission, prayer points, social media links, and a downloadable prayer card. We have the blessing of being listed there and would love for you to you take a look and join us in praying for our ministry, our city, and the other church plants and church planting families and their cities. 


Bridge to DSM Initial Update

This is my initial post updating our friends and family, near and far, about what God's been doing in our lives as a family and ministry, and where He is still taking us. As many of you know, we moved from New Orleans 3 years ago now, spent 1 year in Omaha in preparation to get into Des Moines to pursue a call to church planting. We've officially lived here in the Drake neighborhood of Des Moines for 2 years, and bought a house this time last year. So we are planted, established, and continuing to grow in our connections and utilization of our circles to see where God will be taking us as a family and ministry team in planting a new church. We did spend a little over a year helping another new church plant, but we are now moving on towards God using us to start a new work, along with all the other new plants starting around Des Moines.

It's a very exciting time in which we see God's hand moving, not only in our own lives and ministries, but in seeing so many other church plants launching so frequently here in the city. Many people would look at all the other plants and ask why we need more, and/or why not just help the others and only do a few of the plants? Well, the reality of Des Moines is there isn't enough churches in general, besides a need for more churches preaching the Gospel and making Christ-followers and not merely nice citizens. There's also a need for more churches because of so many older established churches that are flat-lined, dying, or have died. The hope that can be found in this is that many of the leaders of those diminishing ministries see the passing of the old guard in the city, and have been praying for God to raise up a new guard to plant a fresh crop of Gospel communities. We, along with many of our peers, believe that is what God is doing these last few years, and is continuing to do in Des Moines and across Iowa (and other central Midwestern areas). 

We believe that is what God has called us to be a part of here, and we have no intention of going anywhere until we see more incarnational, Gospel centered, multiplying communities raised up and sent out across Des Moines and into the surrounding areas in need of Gospel redemption. Stay tuned here to this blog and our various social media outlets to see how you can partner with us to Pray, Give, and Go in being a part of what God is doing here.